So this morning I did my video blog on the top 3 reasons I have owned my own business. So then I had to google that same thought and I came up with many articles on all the reasons you should own your business, and I picked the one that I thought was most fitting. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend you all:)

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It’s easy to lump small-business owners together and make assumptions about the group as a whole. But new research shows several distinct motivations within this category.

If you’re a small-business owner, these insights might help you better understand why you do what you do.

And if your customer base has a significant number of small businesses, knowing what drives these owners can help you better serve them.

We surveyed nearly 800 U.S.-based small businesses earlier this year, and participants were comprised only of true small businesses: Those with 25 or fewer employees. For the project, we partnered with Audience Audit to craft a series of questions that would give us deeper perspective on small-business owners and their experiences.

The results revealed four distinct types:

Passionate creators

The people in this group started their businesses out of love for what they do, and they believe wholeheartedly that passion is a crucial quality of success. Running their businesses gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

When compared with the other profiles, passionate creators operate at an arguably more successful level. They are also the most marketing-focused and tech-savvy owners of the bunch.

About half of this group spends $500 or more per month on marketing activities. In addition, 65 percent use social media, 70 percent email to a list and 48 percent use content marketing.

Freedom seekers

Freedom seekers started their small businesses because they value the ability to control their work experiences. They want to be in charge of their schedules, career paths and work environments.

This troop wants things simple and manageable. Close to half of them are the only employees in their business, and they are the least likely of the four profiles to have more than one other employee. Not surprisingly, they cite, “time to get everything done” as their biggest challenge.

In tackling the challenge of chasing daylight, they have adopted automation. Nearly 60 percent utilize automated software, and its usage spans across many elements of their business, including bookkeeping and email marketing.